On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey unleashed its wrath on Houston and surrounding areas. It is not clear at this point of the monetary cost of damage, but damage to our hearts and possessions have clearly been seen. Houston’s strength is evident in its actions and unity. Hurricane Harvey changed the lives of every Houstonian, whether your home flooded, you helped a neighbor, donated money, cooked a meal or prayed, unity of Houston’s community strengthened throughout this disaster.

The unity that exists within the Houston Independent School District supports our community in ways of physical safety, academic integrity and social emotional needs. Through the arts we are able to strengthen our student’s experiences in all of these areas and unlocks doors that may have never opened.In our efforts to strengthen our unity and give our children the experience of creating art as a means of healing. When we arm a child with a paintbrush or a crayon we give them the tools they need to grow into productive, well-adjusted compassionate citizens. As we rebuild Houston, HISD will continue to be a pillar or our amazing “Art” filled community.

Doors from homes affected by Hurricane Harvey in the HISD community have been donated and transformed into works of art by student artists from 25 of the most impacted campuses, in an effort to reflect, rebuild and remember.